Documents to carry for the US Visa Interview.

Just a disclaimer, I’m no expert on this topic and I’m just writing what I did to prepare for my visa interview! Also, my interview was at Chennai, not sure if things would vary for other centers( I don’t think so).

Arrangement of Documents For F-1 Visa:

Main Folder should contain the following documents:

1. Appointment letter
2. Passport
3. DS Forms(156,157,158)
4. SEVIS Recipt.
5. HDFC bank receipt(yellow slip), keep the pink slip with yourself.
6. Photo 50 mm * 50 mm ( stick on DS – 156 form)
7. I-20
8. Acceptance letter from university.
9. TOEFL score sheet(original)
10. GRE score sheet(original)
11. Degree certificate.

These 11 documents need to be handed over to the officer taking your finger prints and they will be put in one folder and given back to you. This folder(containing the above documents) needs to be handed over to the Visa Officer.

Academic Documents:

a. Degree Marks cards(descending order, 8th sem to 1st sem order).
b. 10th and 12th Marks Sheets.
c. Transcript of your degree marks.

Financial Documents:

a. Charted Accountant Statement.
b. Bank Statement(SB account statement)
c. Bank Loan Sanction Letter.
d. IT returns of Sponsor(s).
e. Affidavit of Support from Sponsors( on a 20 rupees stamp paper)
f. Your employment details(if you worked somewhere).
g. Property evaluation report.
h. Other supportive documents.

Carry them in a way that you can easily pull out any document when asked.

Finally, stay calm! Good luck!


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