Closures and the Feel of Java.

I went to the “Feel of Java – Revisited” talk by James Gosling today,given at Sun Microsystems in Santa clara, CA. Went as a part of the Advanced Programming Language principles class taught by Dr. Cay Horstmann at San Jose State University.One of the reasons we went was in expectation the talk to be about the new features which are on the table as prospects to get into Java 7 and the future of Java as a whole. However, James Gosling made it clear right at the start that he wont be talking about that, as all the talk about conflicting proposals is better left to others…instead, he took a totally different stream and spoke about his evolution and how it all led to the the invention of Java as a programming language, and so on.
During the Q and A part, Gosling said that he didn’t care too much about Java as a language, because he feels the jvm as a platform for all the various languages now running on top of it, seems to be a great direction to head in, as there is only so much you can manipulate a language like Java which is applied in so many domains.So its almost impossible to design a lot of good and worthwhile features to the language without breaking already existing code.
I am happy and sad to hear that Gosling and many others in the industry feel that Java’s time as a language is ending and Java as a platform on which various functional languages run seems to be the future. I’m happy that I am learning these functional languages, and sad that a language I love is the the target of so much bashing by others, but oh well, a lot of stuff out there is over exaggerated about the short comings of Java, but then again, a lot of stuff is true.
Also, whats my opinion of BGGA closures for java? Although pretty immature, I feel the CICE proposal is simpler, cleaner syntax and useful resource management proposal. Again, dont see a lot of places where I would use BGGA closures…but then again, my judgment is colored by my limited skills?