2 Screens at last!

I kept wanting to get a second screen for a long time! Finally its here!My workstation!

Now, I can keep my code up on the bigscreen while i do all the smaller tasks on my laptop window. I’ve been wanting to get one ever since I read this research:

Researchers at the University of Utah tested how quickly people performed tasks such as editing a document and copying numbers between spreadsheets while using different computer configurations: one with an 18-inch monitor, one with a 24-inch monitor and one with two 20-inch monitors. Their finding: People using the 24-inch screen completed the tasks 52% faster than people who used the 18-inch monitor; people who used the two 20-inch monitors were 44% faster than those with the 18-inch screens.

So, now that I have a 20 inch screen( couldnt afford a bigger one!), lets see how much my “productivity” goes up :-).


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