Community one Experience

My first time at Community one!
I arrived around 10 am, I was not interested in the keynote speeches which started quite early.
Since I was registered for both Community One and Java One, I picked up my badge for both together and then I was told to go pick up my free stuff! The most exciting part of the day :-).
Me and Yue(my classmate) picked up our free backpack, t shirt(s) and conference guide, along with a free Opensolaris cd, and then went straight to the first talk we planned on attending.
The talk was about “Java Script and Dom Design Patterns“, this was a pretty good talk and I plan on using the patterns discussed during the talk. The slides from the talk can be found here.
Next 2 talks I attended were about JavaFx, and since Sun is promoting it in a big way, I was curious to know what it was all about, and although it seems nice and useful, it seems primarily geared towards Rich Internet Applications for the Desktop, which is not something I am interested in. I was primarily interested in technologies to deliever rich content applications in the browser.
After that, I attended 2 talks about Ajax, the first talk was by 4 Sun Engineers who demonstrated how ajax based applications can be written in Netbeans and over all, the talk was pretty useful. The next talk was about Asynchronous Ajax and again, I really liked this talk and plan to use for my own applications. One of the speakers from the first talk has some useful stuff from the talk up on his blog here here .
The last talk I attended was one about “The Java™ Persistence API in the GlassFish™ V3 Application Server with EclipseLink“, I expected to find some kind of a demo about programming with the Java Persistance API + glassfish server using some kind of a neat Eclipse Plug-in which I didn’t know about, but apparently its a product on its own and has nothing to do with Eclipse. Yet the talk was pretty well presented and useful.
So, my day passed with a few nice but over all a mediocre set of talks, but the best was yet to come!
The evening “party”/community reception was something I didn’t expect!dancing girls! Free beer!! for some eye candy :-), check out this link for photos from the party!
Just as I was about to leave, I saw people lining up to roll inside the giant ball(don’t know what its called!) and I decided to try! If I was going to make a fool of myself, I’d rather have it done in front of a complete set of strangers! Great fun!
After that, I headed back home on a really slow cal train headed to San Jose. Eventful day 1!


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