First day of Java One

Day one at Java one!
Caltrain again to reach there on time, the talks I attended were:
1. JRuby – why, what, how…do it now – This session was primarily a JRuby introduction and being such, it was pretty good.

2. More Effective Java – Joshua Bloch – Everybody wanted to be at this talk! With all the buzz about the new Effective Java book’s second edition coming about and Joshua Bloch being who he is, attracted a lot of people to the talk. The talk was just OK in my opinion, the beginning and the end was interesting, but the middle part of the talk where he focussed primarily on Enums and EnumSets made it really boring for me.

He introduced a nice way of remembering when to use ? extends versus ? super and called it PECS(Producer extends, Consumer Super), that is, if the code produces something, use ? extends and if the code consumes something, use ? super. Neat.

3. JavaScript- The language everybody loves to hate – This talk covered more of the technical aspects of Javascript and how its really cool, not just for client side stuff, but the intrinsic features of the language itself. The speaker covered a few of the popular Javascript variants out there like Jmaki, etc and also mentioned what not to do in Javascript which a java programmer would try to do.

4. Developing in JRuby using Netbeans – Ugh, was supposed to be a good talk, and I know the speaker is really talented and famous and one of the main committers for the JRuby project, but the demos just sucked and he just kept running into trouble and it made it very boring.

5. Defective Java code – Turning WTF code into a learning experience-William Pugh(creator of the Findbugs tool) – This was for me, the best talk of the day, the speaker used various code examples to highlight defects in them and also discussed the various ways of overriding the equals method and the subtleties behind using instanceof and getClass. He also took examples from the, which is pretty fun and a staple for many developers i think.

After this talk, Cal train! Here I come! Dr. Moh wanted me to be there for his class so I had to leave early on Tuesday. Missed Brian Goetz’s talk on concurrency! Dammit! There was quite a few other good sessions that day, I just need to get a hold of the slides/videos for those talks when they become available.


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