Day 2 of JavaOne!

My day two was the best day the week! Left really early with Yue because we both wanted to attend the Closures talk by Neal Gafter. We have been studying both the BGGA and CICE proposals for Java 7 extensively in our Advanced Programming Language Principles class, and we had even attended a talk by James Gosling about the Future of Java. I have blogged about that visit to Sun Microsystems earlier.
The closures talk was very very good, Neal Gafter made it look very easy, and yes, I find it to be fairly easy, although I personally feel that it would complicate the language needlessly. I like what closures can do, but I dont know the added complexity the syntax seems to add, and Joshua Bloch feels the same way about the BGGA proposal about how return statements, etc from closures could lead to confusion and buggy code.
Other talks I attended on wednesday:
The Minion Search Engine : I loved this talk, I am really interested in data mining, and I have worked with Apache Lucene before, and I was interested in what Sun has come up with for this product which is a direct competitor and I was very impressed. I still feel that I’d continue using Lucene because of all the additional things I can get it to do, although head to head, Minion seems to be better, Lucene has a much better developer community, and there’s all kinds of workarounds to get it to do whatever I want.

Minion Search Engine

Boldly Go Where the Java Programming Language Has Never Gone Before :- This talk from Geert Bevin was again fascinating, he spoke about ,Terracotta, Google web toolkit, Continuations in Java(RIFE), the Android SDK and various other topics. Makes me want to give GWT a try for my own web application development. Read this blog for a better description of the talk.
The JavaScript Programming Language for Enterprise Application Scripting: by Olivier Modica and Zack Roadhouse, this was again a useful talk about various aspects of Javascript and its various libraries and I just wanted to sit in because I am fascinated by Javascript and one of the main goals I have for myself over the next 6 months is to use it wherever possible.

Yue and I ran around the company stalls getting our free stuff 🙂 and talking to people. We had our picture taken with the JavaDuke!

we also got free movie tickets! to the Ironman movie at the Oracle stall! The show was at 7 pm so we got out around 5.30 pm and grabbed a bite and hung around before getting to the theatre at 7 pm. The theatre was full of people with pink oracle tickets and it was funny as hell to see everyone enjoying their free popcorn, soda and running around to get good seats! We sat around passing sarcastic comments about everyone :-).

It was a long drive back at 10 pm to San Jose, and I had to get up early the next day, I wanted to be there for Bill Pugh’s talk at 9.30 am about using FindBugs in anger!


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