Day 3 of JavaOne!

Day 3 was a short one for me, I had a project to present in the evening for my Web Intelligence class.
I went with my classmate Glenn on this day, I attended only 3 talks this day:
1.Using FindBugs in Anger – Bill Pugh :- This talk by the creator of findbugs was pretty good, he spoke about using findbugs on large projects. My take away from the talk was how to configure findbugs to report bug patterns you want to see, etc.

2. Mylyn: Code at the Speed of Thought – Mik Kersten :- This talk was awesome! Mik leads the Mylyn open source project, which I have always been interested in. I loved the way he started and ended the talk, he hit the sweet spot for every developer, the lure of the “zen programmer’s mind”. That state of mind where code just seems to flow, where we make no mistakes and are invincible! He then presented mylyn as an aid. Really cool.

3. Programming with Functional Objects in Scala :- This talk by Martin Odersky was very good again, but after learning scala all semester as a part of my Programming Languages course under Dr.Horstmann, I was left wanting more from the founder himself! I’m really happy the langauge is being appreciated by a lot of the big names in the industry and I hope it gets used a lot more. I’m sure it will once the IDE support for Eclipse, IDEA and Netbeans gets better.

Martin Odersky

Dr. Horstmann with Martin Odersky after the Scala talk.

Other interesting things from the day was the afternoon chat between Dr.Horstmann and Joshua Bloch which I was fortunate to be around. Joshua bloch was showing code examples which used the new closures proposal and the possible confusions which could come from the new proposed syntax. Dr.Horstmann was still pro BGGA closures, but he sees how the new syntax can definitely be confusing and lead to problematic code. After sitting around listening to them for a while, we went to the room where the Scala talk was meant to be, and I continued talking with Dr.Horstmann about Closures, Scala and other programming topics, which was really interesting.

Dr. Horstmann chatting with Joshua Bloch at the booth
After the scala talk, I headed back home, the project presentation on my mind! Oh and it went really well 🙂 😀


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