Day 4 ! Last day at Java One!

I decided to go although I saw the email alert about the Stomach Flu virus at the Moscone Center. I didn’t want to miss the last day of the conference because of a stupid flu, but it did affect a lot of people at the conference, including Joshua Bloch! Yue and I left really early, around 7 am to attend the General Session with James Gosling, so starting with that, the talks I attended for Day 4 were:
1. Extreme Innovation – James Gosling :- During this talk, Gosling presented a lot of really cool technologies like the pulse pen, the intelligent car, Javascript support in Netbeans, and project Darkstar

2. More “Effective Java”- Joshua Bloch :- This talk was a repeat for me, but Yue missed out on tuesday and wanted to listen and I went along. Joshua Bloch had the stomach flu, and I’m not sure if its because of that, but this talk was pretty broken compared to the same talk on tuesday.

3. Comparing JRuby and Groovy – Neal Ford :- Neal Gave an excellent talk comparing Ruby/JRuby with Groovy, and looks like Ruby beans Groovy hands down in most places. More interesting aspects of the talk for me was the demonstration of how one can write unit tests really easily for Java code with Groovy, exploiting some kind of access protection bug in Groovy. The slides for the talk are available here.
Personally, I’m more interested in using ScalaCheck for unit tests. Tony Morris has blogged about this here.

4. Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java™ Technology:- This talk by Tony Constantinides was a big dissappointment for me, this talk was more an advertisement for Flex in terms of “buy the kit, pay! pay! pay!” than what it could do and how it could be integrated with the Java Webapps we write daily. I walked out after 30 mins of the torture.

5. Integrated Web Testing With Selenium :- This was the last talk of Javaone 2008 for me! Talk was about Selenium as a helper tool for Javascript programming and it was an unbiased talk( they promoted firebug too!). Funny part was that they didnt do live demos, they’d seen all the bad demos during the conference and decided to do it offline, record it and play the clips for the audience. Funny, but it worked out well. What I liked about Selenium, and which would make me want to use it is that you can record everything you have done and play it back, so that you know exactly what happened to get the point where you are at in the page. Good stuff!

Before the Selenium talk, Yue and I bought the Second edition of the Effectiva Java book and had it signed by Joshua Bloch! We got a really good discount on it too, so I’m really happy about it! Always wanted to have my own copy of the book(I borrowed and read the first edition), so am glad I got the new one.

After the talks, we hung around the place for a while, and drove back home to San Jose, sad that it was all over for this year! I loved the whole experience though and am definitely going back next year(err, if I get a free student pass!). Thank you Sun!


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