Eclipse plugin development

In parallel to my exploration of Lift, JSF 2.0 and other web technologies in order to come up with my own Scala based web framework, I’m trying to see whats the best way to provide plug-in support for such a framework would be.
This means delving into the very unfamiliar territory of Eclise plugin development. So, after playing around with helloworld equivalents of plugin development, I decided to check out some of the plugins provided by the “Web Tools Project” and see if I can make some modifications of my own.
Plugin development is different from the regular programming I’m used to, there’s a plugin.xml file which kind of acts as the pivot around which the whole plugin revolves. To run the plugin, one specifies a target eclipse platform(this means there’s 2 eclipse ides running during testing) and runs the plugin as an eclipse application which launches the target platform.
Used this tutorial  and found it very useful during this process.


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